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TEE-UU RAP-FIX Belt Set For Pressure Hoses, 4 Pieces, Red

TEE-UU RAP-FIX Belt Set For Pressure Hoses, 4 Pieces, Red

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EAN Nr: 4260168331750
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Product details - Firehose Pack Strap RAP-FIX

TEE-UU's RAP-FIX Hose Pack Belt provides a secure and compact grip for a hose package and adapts to your individual needs.

It does not matter if one or two 15m or 20m C pressure hoses or a 30m C pressure hose are used. Thanks to the stepless adjustment system of the belt, the hose package including the hollow jet tube can be optimally compressed. Velcro straps do not offer this advantage! The special buckle "FIREMANS FRIEND" can be easily opened even with fire-fighters protective gloves

Properties of Hose Pack Belt

  • Red color
  • Size: 58cm x 2cm, each
  • Weight: 0.08 kg / set of 4
  • Material: 95% polypropylene, 5% nylon
  • Packing unit: 4 pieces
  • delivery
  • Belt Set
  • without further ado, illustrated accessories

Advantages of Hose Package

  • The hose reserve is automatically set!
  • The hose package can be unpacked directly in front of the fire compartment with minimum space requirements.
  • The hose reserve can be upright leaned against a wall and conveniently tracked as a "loop"


  • the hose package is not included in the delivery