Hartmann Stülpa Tubular Net Bandage, ready to use, different sizes

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Stülpa Schlauchverband von Hartmann, gebrauchsfertig, versch.Größen

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Product details for Stülpa Tubular Net Bandage

Hartmann Stülpa tubular net bandage – available in different sizes.

Stülpa is a seamlessly knitted tubular net bandage made of 70% viscose, and 30% cotton. The tubular net bandage enables quick, easy and durable bandage fixation on all body parts. Stülpa does not slide off, and can be used directly out of the box. The bandage is breathable and can be sterilised if necessary.


  • ready to use, measured and packaged
  • seamlessly knitted tubular net bandage
  • made of 70% viscose, and 30% cotton
  • does not wear out and does not restrict
  • high elasticity
  • sterilisable (steam at 134 degrees Celsius)
  • gentle on the skin
  • breathable

Fields of application:

  • for fixation bandages of any size and kind
  • fixation of padding material to body parts in danger of pressure ulcers
  • as skin protection with zinc paste or cast bandages
  • for extension bandages

Stülpa tubular net bandage is available in different sizes:

  • Size 1: finger bandage (1 or 50 items)
  • Size 3: hand, foot, leg, children´s head and armpit bandages (1 or 10 items)
  • Size 4: head, leg, armpit bandages and face masks (1 or 10 items)