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25x Hot and Cold Compresses 8x13 cm, incl. 25 Nonwoven Fabric Cases

25x Hot and Cold Compresses 8x13 cm, incl. 25 Nonwoven Fabric Cases

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Product details for Cold Warm compresses

The 8x13 cm hot and cold compresses are widely used in dental offices or in schools.

Hot and cold compress 25 pieces including 25 nonwoven fabric cases

Introduction Hot and cold compresses consist of a gel-filled bag that stores heat or cold.

Use as a cold compressRemove compress about 2 hours in the freezer - then the compress is used.To avoid frostbite, a thin cloth should be placed between compress and skin. So-called non-woven cases are available for each compresses size.

Use as a warm compressCompress about 5 - 10 minutes to remove approximately 80 ° C hot water. Again, to avoid burns put a thin cloth or a damp towel between the skin and compress.

Warnings- For external use only- Max. Application time 20 minutes- At least 30 minutes rest between applications- From cardiovascular diseases and sugar always a doctor must be consulted- Suitable microwave

Never use damaged compresses more.Disposal of domestic waste.

Warning: hot and cold compresses should be used only for their intended purpose.