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Aqua Bidest Double-Distilled Water, Laboratory Water

Aqua Bidest Double-Distilled Water, Laboratory Water

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Product details for Aqua Bidest

The sterile Aqua Bidest is a double-distilled (distilled) water having a conductivity, during filling, of <0.2 µS/cm.

It finds application in the pharmaceutical field and also for chemical and industrial purposes. Aqua Bidest is not suitable for infusions, injections and eye drops.

Properties of 2-distilled water

  • non sterile
  • Conductivity, during filling, of <0.2 µS/cm.
  • versatile
  • demineralized by osmosis

Application of 2-fold distilled water

  • medical purposes
  • chemical purposes
  • technical purposes
  • for medical practices
  • for laboratories
  • for hospitals
  • for geriatric care
  • for care nursing
  • for private households
  • for houseplants
  • to create colloidal silver

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