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Dispomed Ecoject Safety 2-part Luer Lock Safety Syringe, 100 pieces

Dispomed Ecoject Safety 2-part Luer Lock Safety Syringe, 100 pieces

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Product details for Ecoject Safety Safety Syringe

The Ecoject Safety disposable syringe with Luer Lock of Dispomed Class IIa, is an excellent security system in conjunction with the Safety cannula. 

By combining the Ecoject Safety Luer Lock injection with the available in our shop Neoject Safety cannula of Dispomed is a risk of infection, ruled by needle stick injuries according TRBA250. Because after the injection, the cannula can move into the interior of the syringe and discard so sure. Furthermore, the Ecoject Safety disposable syringe is individually sterile packed in a handy peel open pack.

Properties of Ecoject Safety disposable syringe

  • Luer Lock connection 
  • two-part 
  • transparent cylinder 
  • piston green 
  • easily readable and abrasion resistant scaling 
  • Peel open package 
  • individually packed and sterilized 
  • EO sterilized 
  • class IIa 

Applications for Ecoject Safety disposable syringe

  • in all medical fields 

Size details for Ecoject Safety disposable syringe

  • 2-3 ml, 100 pieces 
  • 5-6 ml, 100 pieces 
  • 10-12 ml, 100 pieces

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