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Hartmann Hydrocoll concave dressing, sterile, 8x12cm, 10 pieces

Hartmann Hydrocoll concave dressing, sterile, 8x12cm, 10 pieces

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Product details for Hydrololloid Association

Hydrocoll Hartmann, a sterile, fast absorbent hydrocolloid dressing for moist wound treatment on heel and elbow.

The Hydrocoll concave association with special share is blank, sucking, self-adhesive semi-permeable, germ-dense top layer. He effected by gel conversion of hydrocolloid dressing shares a moist wound environment, wherein the gel is absorbent until the hydrocolloids are saturated. It promotes granulation and epithelization and must be removed without wound irritation.


  • for the treatment of heel or elbow
  • for moist wound treatment clinically uninfected, weakly to moderately exuding wounds, especially in wounds with poor healing tendency and protracted granulation tissue, eg, in leg ulcers or decubitus
  • with 2nd degree burns