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Incontinence briefs MoliCare Mobile® Hartmann, diff. Versions

Incontinence briefs MoliCare Mobile® Hartmann, diff. Versions

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Product details for incontinence briefs

The incontinence MoliCare Mobile® by Hartmann to the textile comfort of urinary and / or fecal incontinence.

Properties from incontinence

  • like conventional underwear on and take off
  • with antibacterial, pH skin neutral Dry Plus fleece
  • geruchsbindendem superabsorbent core
  • Wetness indicator to indicate the optimal timing change
  • moisture-repellent inner cuffs
  • anatomical fit with elastic leg
  • liquid, textile-like exterior
  • offer perfect protection and reliable comfort
  • protect against rewetting
  • especially soft and breathable
  • pleasant skin milieu
  • dermatologically tested

Properties of light incontinence

  • with thinner and narrower absorbent for a discreet supply over medium urinary or fecal incontinence

Properties from incontinence normal

  • In severe urinary and faecal incontinence

Properties from incontinence super

  • The high storage capacity ensures reliable night care and is under the most severe urinary or fecal incontinence

Applications from incontinence

  • with urinary and / or fecal incontinence for mobile people
  • particularly suitable easy handling for use in toilet training
  • but also by the all round secure fit in the supply restless or demented persons maximum safety

Size information of incontinence briefs

  • Gr. XS hip / waist circumference 40-60 cm
  • Gr. S hip / waist circumference 60-90 cm
  • Gr. M hip / abdominal circumference 80-120 cm
  • Gr. L hip / waist 100-150 cm
  • Gr. XL hip / waist 130-170 cm