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Hartmann Peha-crepp Elastic Fixation Bandage, 4 metres

Hartmann Peha-crepp Elastic Fixation Bandage, 4 metres

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Product details for Hartmann Peha-crepp

Hartmann Peha-crepp are super elastic fixation bandages.

The Peha-crepp fixation bandage by Hartmann is super elastic, even after being worn for longer periods of time. The high percentage of natural fibres and the curled structure enable a firm slip-proof fit. Peha-crepp is extensible up to 160%, can be applied quickly without reverse turns and does not restrict in any way. It is very light, breathable and comfortable to wear. Bandages made of Peha-crepp do not restrict and allow for free blood circulation and movement of the joints.


  • super elastic fixation bandage
  • curled structure
  • sterilisable (steam at 134 degrees Celsius)
  • extensible up to 160%
  • very light and breathable
  • quick and easy to apply
  • material: 41% cotton, 29% viscose, 30 % polyamid

Fields of application:

  • fixation bandages of any kind
  • for joints and conic or rounded body parts
  • for patients with sensitive skin

Peha-crepp fixation bandages are available in different sizes.