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Hartmann Peha-haft Latex-free Fixation Bandage, different sizes

Hartmann Peha-haft Latex-free Fixation Bandage, different sizes

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Product details for Hartmann Peha-haft

Hartmann Peha-haft are cohesive, self-adhesive and flexible fixation bandages.

The Peha-haft fixation bandage by Hartmann possesses high self-adhesion due to its material structure and latex-free imgregnation. Even large bandages won´t slip or untighten themself. Peha-haft is highly absorptive, breathable, gentle on the skin and does not stick to skin, hair or clothes.


  • cohesive, elastic fixation bandage
  • self-adhesive (does not stick to skin, hair or clothes)
  • extensible up to 80%
  • very light and breathable
  • gentle on the skin
  • quick and easy to apply
  • material: 43% viscose, 37% cotton, 20 % polyamid
  • fold-free fit
  • no restrictions
  • colour: white

Fields of application:

  • fixation bandages of any kind
  • for joints and conic or rounded body parts
  • for fixation of padding material, cannula or similar tasks

Peha-haft latex-free fixation bandages are available in different sizes.