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Peha Suture Removal Kit, 1 set

Peha Suture Removal Kit, 1 set

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Product details for Suture Removal Set

The sterile Peha® Suture Removal Set by Hartmann includes ES compresses, a 6.5cm thread diameter and a 12.5 cm Forceps.

Properties of Suture removal kit

  • Basic Set
  • sterile
  • in plastic trays
  • with demand compiled content parts
  • in functional packaging for easy handling under sterile conditions

Content from Suture removal kit

  • 3 ES compresses 5 x 5 cm
  • 1 thread diameter 6.5 cm, curved
  • 1 Forceps 12,5 cm, straight, gray, plastic

Applications from Suture removal kit

  • for removing sutures incorporating the wound cleansing
  • for receiving disinfectant solution
  • for depositing the drawn filaments or the used material, the packaging tray is used

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