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Hartmann Rolta soft Padding Bandage, cotton wool, 3 m

Hartmann Rolta soft Padding Bandage, cotton wool, 3 m

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Product details for Rolta soft

Rolta soft is an especially soft padding bandage.

  • 1 roll
  • 3 m

Rolta soft, the synthetic cotton wool padding bandage by Hartmann is made of curled polyester fibres and is used for light padding of cast, suspensory and compression bandages. The padding bandage is soft, breathable and gentle on the skin. Thus, it is well suited for people with sensitive skin. Rolta soft is easy to apply, can be torn off with one hand and guarantees fold-free fit, thanks to its slip-proof adhesion. Sterilised, it can be applied as pressure pad for ointment dressings.


  • especially soft cotton wool bandage
  • high puff elasticity
  • gentle on the skin
  • breathable and permeable to exudate
  • temperature balancing
  • bandages possess good adhesion and won´t slip
  • tearable by hand
  • won´t absorb X-rays
  • sterilisable at 121 degrees Celsius

Fields of application:

  • padding material for cast, suspensory and compression bandages
  • padding of splints
  • padding material for tubular bandages
  • permable to exudates – suitable as pressure pad for ointment dressings

Rolta soft is available in different widths and lot sizes.