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Hartmann Disposable Protective Sheets Vala®Protect special eco

Hartmann Disposable Protective Sheets Vala®Protect special eco

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Product details for disposable protective sheets

The disposable protective sheets Vala®Protect special eco Hartmann, from 100% recycled tissue and with lateral outlet protection, are exceptionally tear-resistant and durable.

Properties of of Disposable Protective Sheets

  • 100% recycled tissue
  • fiber reinforced
  • Liquid barrier on the longitudinal edges
  • lateral leakage protection
  • with impermeable foil underside
  • extremely tear-resistant and durable

Applications of Disposable Protective Sheets

  • for a safe cover for increased requirements
  • for a need-based coverage of z. B. chairs or wearing
  • as a small protective documents, such. as a head pad
  • as napkin at mouthwashes