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Instant Cold Compress, no pre-cooling necessary, 15 x 25 cm, 6 items

Instant Cold Compress, no pre-cooling necessary, 15 x 25 cm, 6 items

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Product details for Instant Cold Compress

Instant cold compresses are well suitable to instantly treat small injuries, for example in sports.

They have no pre-cooling can be used immediately and therefore convenient for Move. The disposable compresses AREAS in use an instant-cooling temperature of about 3 ° - 4 ° C and keep this cooling temperature for about 20 minutes.

Properties of cold-instant-compress

  • immediately einsetztbar
  • without pre-cooling
  • Instant-cooling temperature of about 3 ° - 4 ° C
  • attained temperature for about 20 minutes
  • Shelf life: 30 months
  • Storage: Store dry and frost free
  • Ingredients: calcium ammonium nitrate / water
  • Disposal: the household waste
  • Transportability: without hesitation (parcel), but should be transported free from frost
  • Size: 15x25 cm
  • 6 items

Use and Applications of cold-instant-compress

to burst inner bag by firm pressure and shake the cold-Sofortkompresse vigorously, so that the liquid inside well distributed. The cold-Sofortkompressen be used at:

  • Sports injuries
  • bruises
  • hematomas
  • sprains
  • injury
  • hyperthermia
  • cryotherapy