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Isopropanol 99,9% isopropyl alcohol, sizes

Isopropanol 99,9% isopropyl alcohol, sizes

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Product details for Isopropanol 99,9%

Isopropanol 99,9% is used for professional cleaning purposes and contains 99,9% alcohol. The isopropanol by MC evaporates quickly, leaving no residue.

99,9% isopropanol is a medical product as certified by the European pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur).

Propyl alcohol dissolves well in water, evaporates quickly and does not leave any residue. Isopropanol is not exclusively used for medical applications. Isopropanol behaves in a way similar to ethyl alcohol.


  • 2 Propanol
  • dissolves fats and gummings
  • eliminates ink traces
  • removes nail polish
  • good water solubility
  • evaporates quickly
  • leaves no residue

Fields of application:

  • in laboratories
  • in pathology
  • in the production of medical products, cleaning solutions, cosmetics and colours
  • for cleaning hifi systems
  • for professional cleaning
  • in chemical areas
  • in physical areas
  • in MTA-laboratories
  • removal of nail polish
  • as antifreeze for cars
  • for the removal of thermal paste
  • for cleaning CCD sensors
  • to clean vinyl records
  • as solvent
  • as thinner