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Kinesiology Power Tape 5 m x 5 cm Kinesiology Tape 12 Rolls

Kinesiology Power Tape 5 m x 5 cm Kinesiology Tape 12 Rolls

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Product details for Kinesiology Power Tape

The kinesiology tape is skin compatibility and is used for relieving pain in sports injuries, muscle and joint problems bruises.

KS Kinesiology Power Tape 5m x 5 cm 12 Rolls

This Power Tape is a high quality, highly elastic and origniales Kinesiology Tape.

The kinesiology tape is not like a traditional sports tape, it provides optimal support for muscle problems and lymphatic disorders. It was developed to improve the microcirculation of muscle, promote healing traumatized tissue. Meanwhile, the kinesiology taping is practiced worldwide such as with trained physiotherapists, chiropractors and orthopedists or at the ADLER sports teams.

Since the Kinesiology Tape has a similar elasticity to the skin or muscles, this is not perceived as disruptive when applied. The tape is breathable and water resistant, so you can swim with it, take a shower, bathe, but also support any kind of sport.

Features: - Waterproof breathable latex-free cotton fabric - Wavy-coated - Dermatologically acceptable - Medical acrylic adhesive - Liable over several days without loss of quality - Equal in thickness and elasticity of human skin - Optimal support for muscle problems and Lymphatic Disorders - 30 - 40% longitudinal stretch

Fields of application: - Muscle problems - Lymphatic Disorders - Rheumatic Diseases - Osteoarthritis - Movement restrictions - Sports injuries - Contortions - Sprain, sprain of the joint capsule ligaments - Disc problems - Headache - Pain - Arthritis - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The different colors of secondary importance, which are selected in the supportive treatment for each treatment.

Blue & Green: effect cooling, soothing Red & Pink: an activating effect, warming, stimulating Beige & Black: neutral act