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Noba absorbent compresses, non-sterile, highly absorbent, 25 pack

Noba absorbent compresses, non-sterile, highly absorbent, 25 pack

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Product details for nonsterile absorbent dressings

The non sterile absorbent dressing of Noba is provided with a liquid-impermeable and highly absorbent fleece.

Properties of absorbent dressing

  • non sterile
  • highly absorbent
  • rear side with liquid impervious blue fleece
  • enormously absorbent absorbent body
  • Material: polypropylene, cellulose
  • Medical device according to MPG, Class I, Rule 4
  • Requirements of Directive 93/42 / EEC
  • CE and DIN EN ISO 15223-1- labeling

Applications of the absorbent dressing

  • with strong weeping, infected or chronic wounds
  • in moist wound healing

In regard of absorbent dressing

  • before they are used on open wounds, they must be sterilized using a validated method