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Philips CPAP nose mask DreamWear, incl. 4 mask pillows

Philips CPAP nose mask DreamWear, incl. 4 mask pillows

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Product details of sleep therapy nasal mask DreamWear

Philips DreamWear sleep therapy nasal mask is a novel solution for CAPA devices. It offers maximum sleeping comfort due to the unique wearing style, which only minimally rests on the face, and offers a rotatable hose connection at the top of the head.

Thus, an unrestricted movement is guaranteed during sleep. No annoying hose on the side or in front of the body which impedes a normal sleeping position. Whether side, back or belly sleepers, with this newly designed nose mask, with a soft, flexible and open frame shape, anything is possible.

If you are one of the people who still read a book in bed before bed or like to watch TV, this mask will convince you, because the open frame shape ensures a high level of comfort due to the large field of vision. Even wearers of glasses benefit from this innovative form.

Next, the nasal mask with a special nose pad, which is included in 4 sizes, equipped, which prevents unpleasant pressure points in the nose area.

Properties of nasal mask

  • Rotatable hose connection on top of head
  • standardized connection - compatible with all conventional sleep therapy devices in Germany
  • offers full freedom of movement - in all sleeping positions
  • flexibly adaptable
  • minimal facial contact
  • no unpleasant impressions
  • offers a clear field of view - read or watch television without restrictions
  • soft, flexible frame
  • Soft silicone frame
  • Scope of supply: Mask frame made of silicone, 4 mask pads (sizes S, M, L and MW), headband, fabric pad, instructions for use

Specifications of the DreamWear Nasal Mask

  • Therapy pressure: 4 to 20 cmH2O
  • Sound pressure level: 18 dBA
  • Number of parts: Five
  • Material of the headband: polyurethane foam / nylon / elastane
  • Material of the mask frame: polycarbonate
  • Cleaning the mask: Hand wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, allow to air dry
  • Cleaning the headband and hose: Hand wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly, hang to dry
  • Material of Mask Frame / Elbow / Quick Release: Polycarbonate
  • Material of the fabric padding: polyester / elastane

Application areas of nasal mask

  • as a nasal mask in CPAP sleep therapy
  • for people who breathe through their nostrils at night