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Plum QuickFix plaster Refill for plaster dispenser, all variants

Plum QuickFix plaster Refill for plaster dispenser, all variants

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Product details for paving Refills

The QuickFix plaster Refills of Plum for filling the QuickFix plaster dispenser, are optionally available as Pflasterstrips or finger plasters.

Properties the pavement Refills

  • Water resistant suitable = waterproof tape, especially for humid environments
  • Elastic = Elastic fabric plasters which are to adapt to the movements of the skin and therefore very comfortable to wear. The plasters are particularly skin-friendly and breathable.
  • Detectable = Visually striking blue patch with integrated metal surface that can be traced by a metal detector.

Application of plaster Refills

  • for filling the Plum QuickFix plaster dispenser

Content of paving Refills

  • Water resistant = 45 Pflasterstrips
  • Elastic = 45 Pflasterstrips
  • Elastic long = 30 fingers Associations
  • detectable = 45 Pflasterstrips
  • detectable long = 30 fingers Associations