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10x Schülke octenisan® set washing lotion + nasal gel, decontamination

10x Schülke octenisan® set washing lotion + nasal gel, decontamination

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Product details for octenisan® Set

The 10er octenisan® Set by Schülke consists of 5ml nasal gel + 150ml body wash and for preoperative decontamination of skin, hair, nose atria used.

Properties of wash lotion

  • mild and gentle
  • artificial colors, fragrance-free
  • pH skin neutral
  • Based on selected care substances
  • with octenidine and allantoin
  • excellent MRSA eradication
  • almost colorless
  • Form: viscous
  • pH 4.8-5.2
  • 150 ml

Properties of nasal gel

  • moisturizes
  • is very well tolerated
  • humidified
  • cleans
  • almost colorless
  • pH 6.9
  • Co reduction: Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, octenidine HCl
  • 1 tube with 5 ml

Applications of octenisan Set

  • preoperative decontamination of skin, hair and nose atria
  • Nasal gel: for humidification, cleaning and decontamination of nose atria
  • Wash lotion: For body washing (incl. Hair washing and showering) eg for MRE
  • the mild and gentle washing of patients prior to surgery
  • suitable for use in intensive care and isolation wards