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Schülke Wound Pad, Wound Treatment / -Dressing, 3 Colors - blau / rot / weiß

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  • SMH146010K-002
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The treatment with the pad promotes a blood circulation in the affected area and thus a faster... more

Product details - Schülke Wound Pad

The Schülke Wound Pad, as a small sponge, is used to support faster wound healing.

The treatment with the pad promotes a blood circulation in the affected area and thus a faster and independent wound healing. Its rough and large-pored nature triggers a mechanical stimulus on the contact surfaces, which promotes a natural body reaction called "wound cleansing by secreting".

Schülke Wound Pad is ready to use and needs no further additives or agents and can be applied directly to or in the wound. Nevertheless, a combination with a wound irrigation solution is possible without any problems.

There are 3 different colors available, all of which have a different texture and are available as a set of 3 with 4 pieces per color (blue, red and white) or only the color blue with 10 pieces in a box.

Properties of Wound Pad

  • elastic
  • foamed
  • coarse, fine, or medium pored
  • rough surface texture
  • permeable to air and moisture
  • germicide
  • wound cleansing
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • promotes and supports wound healing
  • granulation
  • versatile
  • is applied directly on the wound
  • Can be used in combination with the octenilin® wound irrigation solution
  • made of polyurethane (PUR)
  • optionally mixed = 3x blue, 3x red, 3 white or 10x blue
  • in a practical box

Color and Texture of Wound Pad

  • red: coarse-pored, rough surface texture, almost permeable to water
  • blue: average pore size, rough surface texture, almost permeable to water
  • white: fine-pored, smoother surface texture, partially permeable to water

Application Areas of Wound Pad

  • in acute and chronic wounds
  • in postoperative wounds
  • in large burns
  • in the care of scaly, proven wound environment

Note of Schülke Wound Pad

  • are only suitable for single use with sterile administration
  • are not approved for wound treatment for reprocessing / resterilization
  • must not have direct contact with mucous membranes or organs
  • In particular, when applied to previously passive wounds or poorly perfused body parts, it can lead to significant pain sensations. Usually the feeling normalises after a few hours or at the latest after a few days. If this effect is not desired, should be dispensed with an application
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The Schülke & Mayr GmbH - also known under the short form Schülke - is an internationally highly regarded manufacturer of disinfectants and cleaning agents. Schülke products are used, for example, to prevent infections in medical practices and hospitals, for industrial hygiene or general everyday hygiene. The Schülke & Mayr GmbH is an important partner of Medicalcorner24® and we have a wide range of Schülke products. Including well-known brands such as Desderman or Desmanol as well as modern dispenser systems for soaps and disinfectants.