Schülke Octenisept® vaginal therapeutic, mucosa antiseptic, 50ml

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Cutasept F Desinfektionsspray Haut von Bode, 50 ml Sprühflasche

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Product details for Octenisept® mucous antiseptic

The Schülke vaginal therapeutic octenisept® is an antiseptic and is used for vaginal infections, bacterial-induced itching, burning and discharge.

Properties from vaginal therapeutic

  • colorless
  • optimum wetting of the mucosa
  • very good skin and mucosa compatibility
  • no restriction of use in pregnant women from the 4th month
  • relieves itching, burning and discharge in the vaginal area
  • with vaginal applicator for insertion into the vagina
  • pH 6.0 +/- 0.5
  • Reg .- / Zul.-Nr.:48447.00.00

Ingredients from vaginal therapeutic

  • 100 g solution contain: Active substances: (Ph. Eur) octenidine dihydrochloride 0.1 g, 2.0 g of phenoxyethanol
  • Excipients: (3-coconut fatty acid-amidopropyl) -dimethylazaniumylacetat, NatriumD gluconate, 85% glycerol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, purified water

Applications from vaginal therapeutic

  • Antiseptic for the treatment of vaginal infections
  • for the relief of symptoms associated with bacterially-induced itching, burning and discharge in the vaginal area