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Full body anatomy skeleton male, anatomically movable detachable limb

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  • EZ-2960
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The School Skeleton is a high quality reproduction of the skeleton of an adult male. It consists... more

Product details for male full-body anatomy skeleton model

Of course the male anatomy Erler Zimmer full body skeletons, articulated joints, detachable limbs, a 3-piece skull and size of 178 cm.

The School Skeleton is a high quality reproduction of the skeleton of an adult male. It consists of unbreakable plastic, with quick-release fasteners on the limbs and Gumiverbindungen at the joints. It is also anatomically correct with about 200 bones, which correspond to the real human bones in their size and approximate weight. Desweitern all important structures and foramina are present. The spine of the skeleton shows a posterolateral lumbar disc herniation, vertebral artery and the Spinalneren.

Properties from männlchen full body skeleton

  • unzerbrchlichem from plastic
  • natural skeletal size of 178 cm
  • 3-piece anatomical skull
  • Quick-release fasteners on the limbs - quick detach and attach
  • flexible Gumiverbindungen on joints - lifelike sliding articulation
  • Bones correspond in size and weight ~ the real human bones
  • anatomically correct and complete
  • all major structures and foramina
  • Spine with posterolateral lumbar disc herniation, vertebral artery, Spinalneren
  • incl. 5-beam Roller stand - leichtgänig, rugged and removable
  • has a hanging loop - for an AND or ceiling mounting
  • Final assembly by hand in Germany
  • 3 years warranty
  • Weight: 9 kg

Advantages of joint motion by rubber compounds

  • free mobility of all joints
  • Joint surfaces slide on each other
  • Rotary and sliding movements can be dagestellt

Properties from anatomical skull model

  • 3 parts: skull base, cranial vault and mandible
  • all anatomical details and structures are in place
  • was idealized by the medical education
  • corresponds to the anatomical Ideal
  • The teeth meet a real bite
  • Lower jaw movable and removable
  • Cranium is held in place by metal pins and magnets at the base
  • dimensionally stable items with convenient magnet connections
  • it could be dispensed with pin connections
  • Size: 18 x 19 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 0.7kg

Applications from male full body skeleton

  • ideal as a school skeleton
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Erler Zimmer is a family-run, traditional company that specializes in the manufacture of first-class anatomical models and other medical training and education materials. Medicalcorner24® carries an extensive selection of Erler Zimmer products, from complete skeleton models to enlarged detailed studies of individual organs in natural colors or color-coded. Medical simulators and manikins from Erler Zimmer are also part of the range. The nursing dolls are sometimes highly complex and have a variety of functions. We also have medical posters and display boards for school lessons or patient education.