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Hartmann DermaPlast® Active Hot Cold Compress, reusable, 1pc - 13 cm x 14 cm

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It is mainly used in sports, for quick cooling of light sports injuries, their use. But it is... more

Product details - DermaPlast Active Hot Cold Compress

Hartmann's DermaPlast® Active cold-warm compress is reusable and available in 2 sizes.

It is mainly used in sports, for quick cooling of light sports injuries, their use. But it is also suitable for any private household or is used for heat therapy at e.g. Menstrual problems or back pain used.

The compress is filled with gel and is available in the size 13 x 14 cm or 29 x 12 cm, suitable for every body region. It can be stored in the freezer for refrigeration and is then ready for use in a variety of treatment areas, including joint inflammation, muscle discomfort, bruising and insect bites. As a heat therapy, it has an antispasmodic and blood circulation-promoting effect and leads to a physical relaxation.

Properties of Hot Cold Compress

  • with integrated fixation aid
  • reusable
  • gel filled bag
  • cold and warm usable
  • Gel composition: water, polyacrylic acid, citric acid, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide, UV stabilizer, preservatives, dyes
  • 1 compress per pack
  • 2 sizes to choose from

Areas of application of Hot Cold Compress

  • for the prevention of sports injuries
  • to relieve pain and physical discomfort
  • or use before or after exercise
  • when cold: local analgesic and decongestant in acute inflammation of joints and muscles, blunt injuries, bruises, insect bites and toothache
  • Warm use: locally improves blood circulation and releases tension in case of sore muscles, back pain and menstrual cramps
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Hartmann AG is one of the largest manufacturers of dressing materials such as plasters or gauze bandages, surgical disposable tools and other surgical accessories as well as dispenser systems for disinfectants and cleaning agents. In the field of medicine, Hartmann also manufactures products for in-patient or home care. For example, we also have special pads, templates and briefs that are used in cases of incontinence. We also carry various skin care products from Hartmann AG. For athletes, we offer cooling compresses, ice spray and cooling gel from Hartmann.

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