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Schülke Chlorine Foam Cleaner For Surfaces, Alkaline, 10 Liters

Schülke Chlorine Foam Cleaner For Surfaces, Alkaline, 10 Liters

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Product details - Chlorine Foam Cleaner For Surfaces

The chlorine foam cleaner by Schülke is a special surface cleaner for the kitchen and catering industry. It is alkaline, contains chlorine and has excellent fat-soluble properties.

The cleaner, here as an economical concentrate, which after mixing and spraying to a fine-pored and penetrating foam, provides effective cleaning after only 5-15 minutes exposure time.

It is applied to the surfaces by means of spray, low-pressure, high-pressure cleaners, manually or with foam machines and adheres very well to all vertical surfaces of walls, installations or machines. After the application, the foam must act briefly and then rinsed with water.

Properties of Surface Cleaner

  • fast and effective
  • gives a fine-pored, penetrating foam
  • adheres perfectly to vertical surfaces
  • Application concentration: Standard dosage: 2%, exposure time 5 - 15 minutes
  • Application: with sprayer, low pressure, high pressure, manually or with foam machine
  • Labeling according to Regulation (EC) No. 648/2004: less 5% chlorine-based bleach, less 5% amphoteric urfactants, less 5% phosphonates. Contains sodium hydroxide.
  • light yellow
  • concentrate
  • 11 liters canister

Applications of Surface Cleaner

  • For cleaning heavily soiled and discolored surfaces such as machines, systems, floors, walls, etc.
  • ideal for degreasing surfaces
  • in kitchens, commercial kitchen
  • sin the gastronomy / food industry

Note on Schülke Chlorine Foam Cleaner

  • Not suitable for aluminum and alkali-sensitive materials.
  • In case of doubt the material compatibility has to be checked.
  • Do not mix with acids.
  • Only for commercial users.