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Schülke Dish Detergent Dosit® Cleaner Standard, Hard Water, 4kg

Schülke Dish Detergent Dosit® Cleaner Standard, Hard Water, 4kg

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Product details - Dish Detergents Dosit® Reiniger Standard

The dishwashing detergent Dosit® Cleaner Standard from Schülke, for machine cleaning in large kitchens and other commercial dishwashers, is highly concentrated and ideally suited for hard water up to 15 ° dH.

The cleaner, from the Dosit® System product line, is free of NTA, EDTA and phosphates and offers excellent cleaning results due to its strong cleaning power. The special manufacturing process prevents clumping of the cleaning agent and achieves an optimum and consistent rinsing result.

The practical dosing bottle offers a complete product emptying without residual amounts and thus supports extreme economy.

Properties of Dishwashing Detergent

  • perfect for water hardness up to 15 ° dH
  • extremely economical
  • achieves excellent cleaning results
  • is very powerful and intense
  • reduces the dishwashing interval to a minimum
  • no clumping of the cleaner
  • provides a consistent wash result
  • free of NTA, EDTA and phosphates
  • Environmentally friendly dosing adjustment
  • very economical consumption
  • complete product emptying - no residues in the container
  • Composition: Marking acc. Regulation (EC) 648/2004: less 5% phosphonates, less 5% polycarboxylates. Contains disodium metasilicate pentahydrate, sodium hydroxide.
  • 4 kg dosing bottle

Applications of Dishwashing Detergent

  • especially for the challenges in commercial kitchens
  • for commercial dishwashers
  • for drum and container washing systems

Note on Dosit® Cleaner Standard

  • The dosit cleaner standard can be used in all commercial dishwashers
  • The dosing is done exclusively via the dosit V2 compact dispenser
  • Intended for commercial use only
  • The operating instructions of the machine manufacturer must be observed