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MyClean Skin and Hand Disinfectant by MaiMed, 500 ml

MyClean Skin and Hand Disinfectant by MaiMed, 500 ml

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Product details for MyClean

MyClean is a ready to use solution for the hygienic disinfection of skin and hands.

  • 1 x 500 ml bottle

MyClean is a ready to use hand and skin disinfectant on high-proof alcoholic basis. It is very efficient against viruses, including noro viruses. The disinfectant is suitable for surgical hand disinfection and is often used to disinfect the skin prior to injections or blood sampling. It can also be used to prepare cooling compresses. In that case, the solution is thinned with water in equal shares.


  • high efficiency
  • 2-Propanol 70% (VN)
  • efficient against noro viruses
  • limited virucidal (HIV, HCV)
  • fungicidal
  • bactericidal (including Tbc, MRSA)
  • ready to use

Fields of application:

  • surgical hand disinfection
  • skin disinfection prior to injections, punctions and surgery
  • disinfection of skin rich with sebaceous glands