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Ecolab Incidin Alcohol Wipes, surface disinfection, 100 pieces

Ecolab Incidin Alcohol Wipes, Flächendesinfektion, 100 Stück
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Properties of the disinfection wipes Thanks to their high quality wipe, the disinfection wipes... more

Product details - Incidin Alcohol Wipes

The Ecolab Incidin Alcohol Wipes are ideal for use in any health facility, as they have a broad spectrum of activity and at the same time are good material compatibility and short exposure times. There are 100 wipes in a pack.

Properties of the disinfection wipes

Thanks to their high quality wipe, the disinfection wipes ensure reliable wetting of the disinfected surface and can be used without leaving any residue. This is especially possible because the towels are free of color and fragrance.

The towels are suitable for disinfecting alcohol-resistant surfaces.

Spectrum of activity the Incidin Alcohol Wipes

The wipes are effective for surface disinfection, comfortably, of the register VAH 2015. When wiping over surfaces, these have a bactericidal, yeasticidal tuberculocide with both low and high loads on the surface, with an exposure time of 5 minutes.

The effectiveness is also confirmed according to various European DIN standards.

  • EN 16615 (bactericidal, yeasticidal) - exposure time: 1min
  • EN 13727 (bactericidal) - exposure time: 1min
  • EN 13624 (yeasticidal) - exposure time: 1min
  • EN 14348 + procedure EN 16615 (tuberculocidal) - exposure time: 1min
  • EN 14476 (limited virucidal) - exposure time: 30s
  • EN 14476 (limited virucidal PLUS) [AT] - contact time: 5min
  • EN 14476 Norovirus Adenovirus - exposure time: 5min
  • EN 14476 Polyomavirus / SV 40 - exposure time: 10min
  • EN 14476 Rotavirus - exposure time: 30sec

The wipes still subjected to various tests according to DVV / RKI guidelines, with the status of DVV 2015 Susp. Tests.

  • Limited virucidal (incl. HIV, HBV, HCV) according to DVV/RKI recommendation 1/2004 - exposure time: 30sec
  • limited virucidal PLUS - exposure time: 10min
  • adenovirus - exposure time: 10min
  • norovirus - exposure time: 10min
  • Rotavirus - exposure time: 30sec

Use Storage of the Incidin Alcohol Wipes

Application: Remove the wipes individually close the lid of the packaging again to prevent it from drying out.
Wipe the surface to be treated and wet it completely, taking into account the specified exposure time!

Disinfection with the Incidin Alcohol Wipes does not replace regular cleaning.

Storage: Leave the product in the original packaging. Store cool and dry, not over 25°C. Protect from direct sunlight. After opening, shelf life for 2 months.

Active ingredients & Important information

The towels are soaked in a watering solution, which contains 100g of solution, 35g of 2-propanol and 25g of 1-propanol.

The Incidin Alcohol Wipes are a biocidal product according to BIOZID N-77400 [DE].

Use the biocidal product carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. For professional use only.

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The US company Ecolab is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning agents and disinfectants for medical, industrial and private use. Hygiene and care products for hands and skin are also manufactured by Ecolab. In the Medicalcorner24 & reg; you will find an extensive range of products for care, cleaning or disinfection from Ecolab. Including well-known brands such as Skinman, Sekusept and Incidin. Various dispensers and accessories such as dosing pumps or foam pumps are also available.

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