Mucapur® Robot Vario enzyme cleaner, Vinci EndoWrist instruments, 5 l

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gigasept instru AF Instrumentendesinfektion von schülke, 2 Liter

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Product details for Mucapur® Robot Vario Instrument Cleaner

Mucapur® Robot Vario is used for manual and automated reprocessing of robotic instruments. He is powerful with very good material compatibility.

Properties from Instrument Cleaner

  • powerful cleaning - even at low temperatures
  • with bioactive enzymes
  • Enzyme-surfactant combination
  • with innovative Merz Hygiene ZYMAKTIV formula
  • with active ingredients
  • splits and removes even stubborn organic residues
  • excellent material compatibility
  • for sensitive high-tech materials and instruments
  • ph-neutral
  • Ingredients: <5% enzymes, <5% surfactants, solubilizers, adjuvants

Applications from Instrument Cleaner

  • for effective and safe treatment of robotic instruments for minimally invasive surgery
  • for use in the WD and for manual pretreatment and ultrasonic application
  • for use in Miele ROBOT VARIO procedures