Metal cleaner, ultrasonic bath, highly concentrated, free of silicates

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aldehydisches Instrumentendesinfektionsmittel Korsolex® extra von Bode

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Product details for metal-cleaning concentrate

The highly concentrated metal cleaner by Remms, for cleaning and degreasing in an ultrasonic bath is suitable for all materials such as metal, glass, plastic, etc.

Properties of metal-cleaning concentrate

  • highly concentrated
  • liquid
  • silicatfrei
  • pH 3.6 at 1%
  • demulsifying
  • with corrosion protection
  • biodegradable
  • Composition: 5-15% nonionic surfactants, 1-5% anionic surfactants, phosphoric acid, corrosion inhibitor, alcohols
  • clear and bright yellow
  • Density: 1.03 g / ml
  • Viscosity: 2.6 mPa.s
  • Temperature stability: -6 to 100 ° C
  • Shelf life:> 6 years
  • Located: mineral residues, rust, pigments, grinding, polishing and lapping residues, greases, oils and waxes

Applications from the metal-cleaning concentrate

  • for cleaning in an ultrasonic degreasing ud
  • also suitable for dipping, wiping and high-pressure cleaning
  • for exploded and disassembled, machinery, tools, equipment and parts in industry, handicraft and laboratories
  • for materials such as metal, alloy, glass, ceramic, plastic, rubber, etc.